We absolutely guarantee your lady will never expect this gift! We’re not kidding.

In lieu of diamonds, your girlfriend’s handbag is her best friend. Her entire life is in there, it’s her companion, her clarion call that announces her status. She feels the same way about her handbag that you feel about the NFL, wide screen monitor or your lucky underwear.

Beyond their style, our AnnaBis bags allow you, the man in her life to share in the OTHER wonderful experience you can have together. We think this fact is revolutionary for any women’s accessory (that we can discuss in front of company).

So Sherlock, what color is right for her?

She's classic. Black Croco Patent Leather: A classic by virtue of being black and patent leather, but a bit richer because it has an embossed crocodile finish. This is great for evenings out and or business wear.

She's feminine: Snake Print Leather. This is our ultra-feminine neutral, an embossed snakeskin leather done in white and beige. If she’s a comfortable and casual girl she’ll have lots to go with it.

She's sassy: Gold Leather is great for the girl who likes a bold statement. We’ve selected a perfect gold tone that moves seamlessly from day to evening. Its satiny finish does not look overdone. So don’t think it’s too dressy for wearing with her favorite jeans.

Now what style is right?

The Chelsea Cross-body: A medium sized day-to-evening* bag that has ample space for all the essentials, including her money, credit cards, make up, keys and sunglasses and a convenient pocket for her phone. Many women prefer a “cross-body” so they’re hands are free and for safety.

The Melissa Multi and the Whoopee Vape Case: These are clutch styles that work alone as a small evening bag, or as pouch to carry within a larger handbag. If your girl hauls a load of stuff you can’t understand this is her bag. Fits neatly inside her existing handbag.

Need special help? Contact us at: info@annibisstyle.com and we’ll give you a hand.

Bonus: Free shipping!
*All our bags are designed for day-to-evening use. They work like throwing that blazer over your tee shirt and jeans and changing from kicks into big boy shoes. Ready for the ball.
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Still can’t figure it out? Give her and AnnaBís gift card! It’s so damn easy.

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