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How Does Aroma-BlocTM Technology Work?

AnnaBis’ Aroma-Bloc Technology consists of thin layers of resin film that’s typically used in the medical, food and electronics industries. Construction is durable, flexible, lightweight and heat resistant. Encased in this film, we then seal our accessories with airtight zippers and special nips and tucks to keep the scent of cannabis inside where it belongs. We contain rather than absorb because who wants a stinky purse? Only your dog will know for sure (so don’t put any treats in there!). If you want to see how tested Chelsea on the streets of NYC with dead fish, stinky cheese and cat food, click here.

How does cleaning my bag work?

Cleaning the interior: You can easily clean the interior of your AnnaBis with a clean wet cloth and mild detergent. Though it looks like silk, our custom purple jacquard lining is synthetic and withstands a great deal of punishment! Cleaning the exterior: If you have either the leather or faux leather versions, use a soft cloth with a little soap.

How does the Chelsea work?

Chelsea gives you complete mobility and hands-free convenience when dashing about town. With ample room in her top compartment for daily essentials and tools of discretion like mints and perfume, her external phone (or vape) pocket delivers maximum convenience. Her secret zippered aroma-block compartment accommodates your preferences from edibles to flowers, and makes sure you don’t attract unwanted attention from children and other prying eyes. Special note: Make sure you fold up the lower flap completely before unzipping – especially when the leather is new.

How does the Melissa work?

Melissa was designed for ultimate organization, convenience and flexibility for people who carry multiple types of cannabis and tools to consume it – in a compact size. With interior pockets for your mints and perfume, tools, accessories and containers it’s easy to remember you’ve forgotten something. With two zippered aroma-block interior compartments for stinky pipes and vape pens, you’re safe and secure on the go. She’s a bag-in-a-bag, a stand-alone clutch, and looks magnificent on your nightstand, coffee or dinner table.

How does the Whoopee Vape Case work?

Whoopee gives you easy, simple safety and security in a gorgeous fashion shell. Protects your vape, contains your pipe, lighter and herb, and keeps it all together in a pretty, compact case. Simple inside divider delivers organization, and convenience, size means complete mobility to go anywhere, anytime.

How does the Frankie Vape Case work?

Frankie is just like Whoopee except she’s unisex and has a zippered middle divider. Perfect for style, function and convenience to keep your exotic greens discreetly organized and portable.


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