Enjoy the Journey

There is a reason that enjoy the journey is our motto. AnnaBís helps women feel stylish, free and secure when carrying their cannabis, but there’s something deeper.

Women personalize all the important aspects of our lives. We have gorgeous wallets for our money and covers for our phone, lovely glasses cases and cosmetic bags. Why don’t we have something beautiful customized for our cannabis?

AnnaBis is about integrating our journey with cannabis into the journey of our lives. You know what you need for the beach. You know what you need for your cannabis.

Being prepared makes every trip better.


Our Story

Jeanine Moss grew up in Venice, California, where consuming cannabis was no different than drinking a beer. After moving to New York City in the 1980’s, however, she observed that though many women consumed cannabis on Madison Avenue and in the corporations where she rose as a marketing-communications executive, secrecy was the order of the day. It was there that she observed massively successful women reduced to pulling baggies and tea tins out of their Gucci purses, and acting like guilty teenagers.

If it weren’t for hip for replacement surgery, this behavior might still be true today. When traditional medicine threw Jeanine into a brain-hazed opiod hell, she turned to medical marijuana in order to function and abate the pain. It turned out that many of her friends were doing the same thing.

After a girl’s night out that included digging through four purses for medicine, lighters, mints and perfume, Jeanine knew there had to be a better way. She didn’t feel like a criminal, and she didn’t want to act like one. She searched for a solution, and finding none knew she had to create one. It was the dawn of the age of AnnaBis.

After the successful launch of AnnaBis in November 2015, jeanine joined the green rush and relocated to Los Angeles. AnnaBis has recently launched the first-ever cannabis friendly travel guides exclusively for women. Issues of the “AnnaBis Green Guide: For Women Taking the High Road” are available at www.annabisstyle.com.


Our Founder

Jeanine Moss

Jeanine Moss

Over Jeanine’s 30-year career in New York, she always gravitated to industries that were at the epicenter of change. In the 80’s she traveled the country creating new products for America’s major consumer packaged goods companies, and launched the world’s first newsletter for women business travelers. In the 90’s she was tapped to help turn around New York City’s lagging tourism industry. She was part of the dot-com boom, and in 2001 she was recruited to head the communications program for The September 11th Fund. With the Fund work completed, Jeanine launched Turning Point Solutions, a marketing communications firm. There, she helped introduce HP’s digital home initiative, worked for Accenture’s Technology Consulting Division, the U.S. Government and supported numerous non-profits from the United Way to the American Red Cross. As the Green-Rush advanced, Jeanine was attracted to the idea of taking a front-row seat in the next major cultural revolution and started AnnaBis, the aroma-controlling line of high-end accessories for women. 

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