Hey dudes. First of all, congratulations on being brave enough to visit a website full of lady things. We assume you are looking for a gift for that special someone in your life and we know you are way out of your element, but this is a friendly place!

Our research shows that getting your significant other a fashionable cannabis accessory will:

    1.) Make her want to engage in the lifestyle with you more


        2.) Make her not mind how much you indulge

          And it will definitely

            3.) Make her very happy

              So get in there! Take a look around. Think about what your lady might like… does she have a small piece and like to run off on adventures? Get her the super-portable Whoopee. Does she like to have everything and the bathroom sink with her when she goes out? Consider Melissa. Want to keep things separate but organized? Definitely think about pairing her up with Chelsea.

              We just want to let you know how meaningful what you are doing is. Cannabis culture caters primarily to men, you probably know that. Most women are just not comfortable going into headshops because those places don’t make an effort to be friendly to ladies. That’s why AnnaBís is such a special place: it’s by women for women.

              Whatever you decide, just know that it means a lot that you came here. It’s the thought that counts and the journey that matters.

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