Free download: AnnaBis Green Guide Issue #2: San Francisco

Posted on 16 July 2017

Free download:  AnnaBis Green Guide Issue #2:  San Francisco

Famously chill, great vibes, a city that will totally get you high.  It’s Issue #2 of the new AnnaBis Green Guide: San Francisco!  Ready for free download at

While you can’t partake of exotic greens unless you have a California ID and doctor’s recommendation (try to get one online) – you can still learn to cook with cannabutter, and bask in the hazy glory of a world where there is no stigma (practically everyone smokes).  Best of all, you can buy and try freely (we love Harborside Health Center in Oakland and Harvest Shop in San Francisco).  It’s how things ought to be (and probably will be after the November election).

San Francisco is the epicenter where you can see the new cannabis culture in action.  If you're an anthropologist at heart who is intrigued by the idea of seeing cultural shifts as they’re happening – SF is for you.  And now you can take our guide with you.

So pack your bowl and don’t bogart your joints:  if you find an awesome spot we missed or had an incredible experience on your journey, be a good citizen-journalist and help your traveling sisters by dropping a note with your recommendations to:!

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