Cannabis Vape Reviews Tells it Like It Is

Posted on 22 March 2018

We always feel a bit nervous (like stage fright!) when a media company takes a deep dive into our products.  But we felt fine when we read it and saw the lengths they went to give an honest review.  We then went through their thorough review of vapes and bought one!  It's hard to find a well-priced herb vape, for example, and at Cannabis Vape Reviews we found one that suits us (Pax Era).  The Era is flat, so it doesn't roll off the shelf, and it's small (one drawback, a bit easy to lose!), but it's not expensive - only $20.  One drawback is that they only work with specific cartridges made for them, but the product is good quality, so we've been getting along just fine.  Check out our review on CVR, and then browse for some good suggestions for other supplies!

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