Our First Product Shoot

Posted on 16 October 2015

photoshootOur sample line was in and it was off to San Fran for our photo shoot. We had completed our dream, executed to the best of our abilities and had those samples in our hands.   Sure we were in love, but having kept this so close to the vest and not sharing the designs with anyone, we started to wonder, “how would “our baby” be received?”

The first time we released these babies to anyone else was at our photo shoot with our fabulous photographer, Mark Leet. Although excited, we were also a little anxious about how these bags would look through someone else’s eyes. We admitted to each other later, that we were terrified, but when the product shoot started, we both fell in love all over again! Mark not only photographed our babies in an amazing light but we got to see our bags not only through someone else’s eyes, but a photographer’s critical eye and they were beautiful. Mark and his assistants did an amazing job, as did our models and we all had a lot of fun.

A side note about our models. Erin was a last minute sub and it was like an angel fell from heaven. She turned out to be the perfect AnnaBis girl. She was bright, enthusiastic, and open to this new adventures. She’s beautiful inside and out and we all had the best time getting to know one another. We took it as another sign that we were on the right path. Somehow all of our AnnaBis models just sort of fell into our laps - we could not have been luckier! (Thanks ladies!)

After several days of shooting, we were convinced more than ever, we had something special. We really felt like not only did we want to own all of our bags but believed in our hearts that other people would want them too. After a small sigh of relief and another milestone behind us it was now time for the next phase!

Time to continue on this amazing journey!

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