Protect your Potent Pot-ables

Posted on 30 September 2016

When we launched the world’s first elegant aroma-controlled accessories company almost a year ago, we wanted to make fashionable, aroma-controlled purses that let you carry your cannabis style. 

As a thank you to Reddit and other early adopters who have helped me grow, I've put all of our collection on sale, up to 50% until Dec 24th. If you see something you like, it would mean so much if you get something or send it to a friend you think would be a perfect fit for an Annabis purse!
And, if you want to see more about how our tech works, check out a video Forbes did where they zipped a dead fish into a purse and sent a reporter out to do a sniff test! File it under gross, but informational :) 

Click Here to see all of our Collection and see what we're made of!

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