Why I Am "Coming Out Green" As A Canna-Business Owner

Posted on 27 September 2016

I’m not ashamed of being a cannabis business owner (www.annabisstyle.com).  In fact, I’m proud to be one of the women who makes up 36% of leadership positions in the industry as compared to an average of 12% in other sectors.  Last year national cannabis sales reached $5.4 billion, while 2016 projections call for $6.7 billion, a 24% increase. That's way more than Oreos ($711 million) and Dasani brand bottled water ($1.02 billion), according to Forbes magazine.  

No one should be ashamed of who they are and what they believe in.  I don’t just believe cannabis helps people, I know it does.  It helps relieve PTSD, decrease pain, reduce cancer tumors and eliminate nausea among many other things.  There are people for whom cannabis isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity.  For others, it’s just fun. I've enjoyed both its health and social benefits.  .

The cannabis movement is about being who you are.  If we were conformists, we wouldn’t consume cannabis except in the 25 states where it’s medically legal or the five markets where it’s legal for recreational purposes (AK, CO, OR, WA and DC). Yet 49% of Americans have tried marijuana and 12% consume it regularly – and guess where they live?  Right next door.  

One of the things that you think about when you’re considering “coming out green” is how to be the perfect representative of a “cannabis person.”  But I've come to realize that person doesn’t exist.  It’s not a type of person.  It’s not even a state of mind or way of life.  Cannabis is a thing that you do, not a thing that you are

I’m a woman who doesn’t want to live in today’s clandestine cannabis culture. I created AnnaBis because I want to bring cannabis out of the alley and onto Wall Street.  With styles for the C-suite as well as the skier, our line of handbags and accessories are fashionable, keep things organized and are discreetly aroma-controlled.  We think they’re a first step in welcoming women to the new cannabis era.

For me, being who I am means that I’m going to talk about cannabis freely.  My company AnnaBis is part of the cannabis community.  

I know you’re out there, and you don’t have to come out in a public forum, but I’d love to meet you and hear about your experiences.

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