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Posted on 15 January 2016



This week the Powerball Jackpot hit $1.5 billion. Someone said to me today that there are 318 million people in the US. Why don’t they just give everybody $1Million and end poverty. Although the math was completely backwards, the sentiment got me thinking. I always thought that if I won the lottery I would give a lot of it away but to who or what really got me thinking.


Then my daughter sent me news clip about a man who won $25 million in the lottery. His name is Bob Erb. Now this might look and sound like a fictitious name after what I tell you but I’m attaching the link to the video clip because everyone should remember Bob Erb’s name.


Bob Erb won $25 million in the lottery in 2012.   He decided that he would just help everyone. He started writing checks to multiple charities, to people he loved, someone needed a new roof on a community building and he bought it.

Bob spent a total of $8 million in the first year since he won. But there was controversy and resentment over one of the organizations that he gave money to and was a proponent of – the legalization of marijuana. Just imagine that this generous sole, helping all of these people in his community, who smokes medicinally, never broken a law, bothers no one, helps everyone and people don’t like that he’s using his winnings to step up his belief that marijuana should be legalized. When I watched this clip, I thought two things. One, I love Bob Erb and two, this ignorance really has to stop.

So this is my plea, you don’t have to win the lottery to help. Let’s all make 2016, the year to be proactive. Give a dollar, call or write to our government and take a stand. Talk to someone who watches Fox News and enlighten them. It can be big or small just do something. Let’s fight for this wonderful plant with all of it’s medicinal values.   Think about how you can do just one thing to help the legalization of marijuana. Let’s stop the ignorance and do something to educate.

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