Posted on 21 December 2015

When you smoke pot do you get the munchies? When you drink do you get the munchies? Do you just get the munchies? Several friends of mine say they won’t smoke pot because it gives them the munchies and it will make them fat. Funny, that only happens to me when I drink, then my willpower is completely gone! Smoking pot can give you the munchies but I always found that a quick cup of tea with a little bit of honey curbed that immediately. My feeling was if you felt that those munchies would make you fat then you were probably already fighting some kind of weight battle already. Well, it seems I was right.

In fact, researchers have found that the rate of obesity and diabetes among pot smokers is dramatically reduced compared to non-marijuana users. It turns out that not only are frequent marijuana users generally slimmer than non-users, but a study showed that their waistlines were actually 1.5 inches smaller, on average, than their former or non-using counterparts.

This is startling information – right?! Furthermore, researchers at Université Laval in Quebec, Canada, determined that smoking pot statistically correlated with lower (BMI) and fat percentages, as well as, lower fasting insulin levels.

So what does this all mean? It means that there are hundreds of myths and legends about all sorts of things as it relates to Cannabis and Cannabis usage. Mostly because it’s been a Schedule 1 drug and hasn’t been tested or researched as thoroughly as it should have been in the past, so people don’t really know what is fiction or fact. My suggestion is keep reading, because now that there is a movement to legalize medical marijuana you will see more studies and research on topics like this than ever before. The internet is full of both great and bogus sites. Good sites like Harborside and Patients Out of Time, I’ve already mentioned in my blogs but there are other legitimate sites with great research too. Just remember to heed my father’s advice and, “Always consider the source!”

Beyond this I can tell you that as a former personal trainer, if your diet is generally under control then getting the munchies on occasion shouldn’t affect your weight too dramatically. Remember to stay educated, it will most definitely help you enjoy your journey.


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