New Jersey Needs Help Relieving Marijuana Anxiety

Posted on 05 November 2015

I’ve lived in NJ for 30 years and always felt it had a lot to offer. I’m within an hour from the beach, mountains, and NYC and in 20 minutes I can hop a plane in Newark to anywhere in the world. Sure there are negatives to living in every state, but I’ve always defended the slurs, until recently when I become outraged over NJ’s marijuana laws.


The marijuana laws in this state, to put it bluntly, suck.


They are so restrictive that it’s actually become dangerous to the patients that live here. What do you think is more dangerous – prescribing regulated edibles for children with epilepsy or having their parents make infused oil in their kitchens to relieve their children’s suffering without knowing the potency of what they are giving them? If NJ went so far as to take a stand making marijuana medically legal, then make it legal and help these patients benefit.


Did you know that NJ is the only state with legalized medical marijuana that requires a doctor to register in it’s program before they can write a prescription and it’s patients also have to spend $200 to register for just 2 years in the program, as well? On top of that, they have to pay $480 an ounce out of pocket. To give you some reference, Colorado’s medical marijuana averages about $150 an ounce depending on the strain. No wonder people in this state aren’t going into dispensaries, it’s less expensive to buy it illegally.


I have 2 family members in NJ who benefit from medical marijuana. One suffers from tremors from a spinal chord injury and wanted to get off highly addictive drugs. After much searching, he finally found a doctor to prescribe. He’s in a wheelchair and when he got to the dispensary there was no wheel chair accessibility – you can’t make this stuff up! The other family member suffers severe migraines and anxiety – and has tried edibles. They not only helped her more than the opiates, she’s told me that it’s the best relief she’s experienced in 20 years of suffering.


Why NJ, why are you letting us down? Get yourself together and live up to your name “The Garden State.” We need these and all the other restrictions (read link below), revisited so that people who are suffering get the relief legalized medical marijuana promises. Let’s help everyone enjoy their journey.

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