A “Peace” of Advice

Posted on 26 October 2015

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My brilliant partner recently said to me, “Don’t fight the universe. When we fight the universe bad things happen.”

Jeanine and I have been interviewed a few times and have been asked what advice we’d give to someone entering this industry. We’ve said many things but recent events lead me to write this blog today.

I’d like to think that I’m enlightened and open. I’m happy and try to be at peace with those around me, but her words made me take pause.

For the last 18 months, Jeanine and I have been shown a path. We’d state a goal and within a day what we wanted would miraculously present itself. For example, when we needed a designer, the perfect one showed up, when our models fell through before our photo shoot, we believed and the perfect one(s) just showed up! Most recently we started to think we might need investors, and just like that we were invited to pitch.   I can write an entire blog telling you how when we needed something for this business within days our path would be lit. The universe confirmed that we should be doing what we were doing. It continued to show us the way and we were listening.

However, in any partnership there are going to be times that you just get off track. With everything moving so rapidly and only two people doing several full time jobs there are bound to be bumps in the road. Jeanine and I have been on the same page for our goals and objectives but we were so busy things can got lost in the shuffle and communication, well let’s just say it wasn’t at it’s peak. After coming off of months where things flowed to us, we were suddenly at a dead stop. For several days – we were stuck, our business was stuck, everything was just STUCK! When we finally sat down, set our egos aside and addressed the “clog” we worked out the issue. Suddenly, almost instantaneously things started flowing to us again. Great things. Wonderful things. Once again our path was lit.

So here is my advice -When you are starting any business, whether you are with a partner or not, keep yourself open, listen, follow the path that is presented to you, and when you think you need your ego the most – set it aside.

Shhh, listen. Did you hear that? It’s the universe, and it’s talking to you.

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