Posted on 22 October 2015


One question that I hear from women (and men) over and over is, “How do you store your cannabis?” I like to think that I’m like a lot of people and have tried numerous ways to care for my flower. I’ve put it in a zip-lock baggie in the refrigerator or the freezer, Tupperware with an apple slice – are these sounding familiar to you? But the truth is there are rules about storing your stash that will help you maintain its potency and freshness. There are 4 basic rules to keep in mind when storing your pot and they are as follows:

Rule 1 - heat will dry it out and too much moisture can cause bacteria to grow

Rule 2 - light is harmful to the trichomes*

Rule 3 - air will dry it out and lessen its potency

Rule 4 - too much handling causes the trichomes* to come off.


*Trichomes are the sticky resin glands attached to the plant and the heads of the Trichomes is where the CBD and THC are produced. Lose them and you lose potency.


Using Clear plastic bags and freezing it breaks most of the rules. I know most people think it’s the best way to control the odor but when you freeze marijuana, the trichomes become tiny little icicles making them brittle and causing them to fall and break off the buds. Doing this causes the herb to lose the active ingredients which you bought it for in the first place. Plastic bags are also a poor choice because they all have static in them, which attracts the resin glands causing some trichomes to break off. Plastic bags should be used just for ICE!


Being in this industry I’ve learned so much. So now I use an airtight mason jar that has a good seal and store it in a cool dark place. I’m also a fan of CVault containers with the refillable moisture packs. Both of these are really great choices and result in maintaining your bud life. Just make sure that whichever way you choose, keep it in a cool dark place like a basement. You can store it in the fridge but if you do, keep an eye out for mold.


Last I suggest that you keep the quantity of medicine you wish to store separate from your daily supply. It’s those trichomes again! You never want to constantly handle your supply causing them to fall off. Follow these suggestions and your cannabis will stay fresh and potent for a long time.


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