The Big Conference

Posted on 14 October 2015

Vegas About a month after the John Jay Breakfast it was off to Vegas for the MMJ Conference. After our experience at the breakfast we couldn’t wait to go to the conference. There were 10X as many people expected to attend this event and we wanted to be a part of that.

Heading to Vegas was really exiting for Jeanine and me. We were starting to see how the face of MJ was changing and we were ready. Ready to meet more people and learn more about entering the market. Ready to confirm our observations and research on demographics and everything else in between.   And especially ready to find more women to speak with and see what and how they were feeling about every aspect of this business and plant.

To that end, we attended a women’s breakfast and loaded up on information (and business cards!) of women interested in speaking to us and being on our mailing list. We attended so many interesting lectures, one was even specifically geared toward addressing the market that we had identified and originally thought we would market to – again validating our suspicions of the women smokers being overlooked in this market. We hungrily listened to our keynote speaker Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry’s getting inspiration from their business practices and met people we could potentially collaborate with as we moved forward. There was so much to take in but like I said we were like sponges – we were ready.

It was clear to Jeanine and me that although we had our work cut out for us this was an exciting time in history as well as an exciting time to be part of this business. Everyone was looking for ways to work and collaborate giving the overall feeling of camaraderie. We learned so much in 2 days and were on an adrenaline high.

This really was about Enjoying the Journey

We knew this was going to be a fun ride.

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